new school, new faces, new pressures.


Faced with much to do and ever growing pressures.
All i have now is my new found friends and the steady old ones to keep me going through this period of time.

Guys, I’m sorry if I fail to be a good friend during this time.
Please give me some leeway, maybe a whole lot.
I sold my soul to get into Digipen. I’m mortgaging my spirit to make it through.

But I’m having fun, loving my time here. Making new friends and working in the field that I’ve had a passion for since my youth. Hopefully I can make something out of myself now, to make full use of my art of speech. I hope to post more here, my only outlet to vent. And hopefully share what goodies I have come up with, during my time at Digipen.


new start.


Amazing experience. Amazing people.

P10, thank you. From the depths of my heart, I want all of you to know that the 2.5 days spend together meant everything to me. The start to my Uni life could never have been better, and having all of you there with me made it flawless.

Though we weren’t recognized as the best, everyone of us knows that we are definitely the best.

Let us all keep these bonds that we have made. Towards the future, towards the next step. I’ll always be here for all of you. I’ll have your backs. Like i know everyone will have mine.

From the MRT game to Black Magic, 9 Squares and Lips can touch, all the fun shit we did will never be forgotten. Let’s keep the peggy mojo alive.